1. Everyone who is so mad at Taylor for being angry at Carter and feeling sooo sorry for poor little Carter who was only trying to see her best friend:

    Was Carter being a good friend while she repeatedly used Max to communicate with/see her mother? She knows the trouble she could be putting him in by having him aid a fugitive. She knows that he is uncomfortable with it. But she guilt trips him every time. Just like in the last episode where she said he’d never see her again unless she listened to him. Is Carter being a good friend when she forces Max to keep secrets from Taylor? When it comes to Max, its all about what Carter wants.
    What did she think Crash was going to do with the gun? Protect them from whom?! Were the two of them just going to keep gunning people down on their road trip? Carter may not be directly responsible for Max being shot but she has continuously made stupid decisions that serve only in her own interests. Taylor has every right - in the heat of the moment, knowing that her boyfriend who she LOVES could die any minute - to be angry at Carter. 

  2. It was a good matchup. They had that line with T.J. Oshie, Ryan Duncan and Toews. We had guys like Nathan Gerbe, Brian Boyle and Corey Schneider was our goalie. You never really know how it’s going to play out. I don’t know what it was. College is a bit different. You might not have the depth the pro level has. It was definitely exciting for us getting to the championship game and doing it against players like Johnny and Oshie and those guys.

    We knew that line was incredible and [Toews] especially. He was leading the charge on that line for sure. He’s a special player. We knew we had a tough matchup. We had a checking line against him that I wasn’t on. I don’t know how well they shut him down. But that was a good game.’

    — Ben Smith talks about playing against Jonathan Toews in the 2007 NCAA Frozen Four semifinal

  3. Interviewer: What did you think when Q first told you they were putting you on the top line?
    Andrew Shaw: I was pretty excited. Obviously. I haven't played with Jonny since my first NHL game. He's a great player to play with. He's always gonna work hard and Saader - I've played with him all year and we have some chemistry. I think the line worked pretty well tonight

  4. Jonathan Toews at a wedding

  5. Offensively, he’s really dangerous and strong on the puck. He competes every night so he gives himself a chance to be consistent. Defensively, he takes a lot of pride in that side. You don’t win as much as (the Hawks) have in the past without everybody kind of buying into playing a certain way. He kind of leads the way there.

    Playing with him in Vancouver and then seeing him four years later, it’s funny it goes by pretty quick

    — Sidney Crosby on Jonathan Toews (x)

  6. It’s fun getting back here today, fun skating with all the guys you’re used to playing with. Sometimes you go over there to Russia, and it can be a (benefit) because you realize how good you have it over here and how exciting it is to come to the rink everyday with good teammates and good coaches and a good team, most importantly

    — Patrick Kane (x)


  8. I continue to be just enamoured with Jonathan Toews. That kid is a winner, he’s a leader and such a responsible player. He just knows how to win and to play and has such great habits. You want the guys on your own team to play the game like that. It looks like his parents have just done an unbelievable job of raising that young man. He’s well spoken and to the point and I like that he’s all business all the time. At least that’s what it looks like from far away

    — Oiler’s Head Coach Dallas Eakins on Jonathan Toews (x)